5 For Friends was created when co-founder Scott Speed and his wife Jennifer experienced the loss of their 3rd child, Love, after she was born prematurely. They were devastated. Scott received texts, Facebook messages, emails and only a handful of phone calls offering condolences. One of the phone calls was from a college friend, Fran, who Scott hadn't spoken to in over 6 years. It was one of those conversations where they both expressed, "We should not have to wait for a tragedy like this to talk." Immediately after the call Scott began thinking of all the reasons why he rarely spoke to his friends and family by phone and how he could leverage technology to change that. His answers all revolved around time and convenience. After brainstorming for 15 minutes, 5 For Friends was born. 


5 For Friends is a mobile app designed to make it easy and convenient to verbally keep in touch with family and friends...5 minutes at a time.  

The death of Love Speed (March 2014) inspired the creation of 5 For Friends. Love’s death also inspired the creation of Love’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization established to provide financial support for grieving families and raise awareness for perinatal loss. Please consider visiting our website to learn more, lovesfoundation.org, and donating to this wonderful cause today.